ABAS & CAS CPQ connector

ABAS & CAS CPQ connector

What if your product does not just consist of one variant, but is composed and therefore there are dozens of variations? Calculating the price of your product is not a standard process. It takes more than a product overview in your CRM software.

Product development, sales and resource planning, production in one solution
In the manufacturing industry, for example, we see that determining the price is driven by many variables. To make this run efficiently, configuring a price with CPQ software is very efficient. Product development uses its technical knowledge to determine which technical solutions are possible. In this way sales are better able to calculate the price up front.

And after putting together the product and the price, you want a ready-made offer for your customer, neatly digital.
With our CPQ software from CAS Merlin we combine the power of crm solution with CPQ.
An even stronger combination is to integrate this with the ERP solution of ABAS.

The advantages:

✔️ Cost efficient with integrated software

✔️ User-friendly interface

✔️ Able to configure complex products

✔️ Product development and sales work in 1 solution

✔️ Unique combination of CPQ integrated into your CRM+ERP

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